The Little Elves(Ⅱ)小精灵(中)丨外教讲故事


  今天,我们要讲的小故事是《 小精灵(中)》,一起来听吧!


  The Little Elves (Ⅱ)


  "Dear Lord,thank you very much." The old man prayed with a grateful(感激的) heart.

  "Tomorrow, let's wake up and make some beautiful shoes."

  However, old man didn't have to do it at all. When the old man woke up from his sleep, the shoes were already made.

  Because the shoes were so beautiful, all four pairs were sold at a very expensive price.

  This kept happening all the time.

  The old man quickly(很快地) became rich.

  Whenever the old man saw his neighbors(邻居) or a poor person, he would help them as if it was his own work and lived happily.

  It was a few nights before Christmas. After the old man finished(完成) preparing the leather, he said to his wife before going to bed:

  "Tonight(今晚), let's stay awake through the night. Then we can see the person who is helping us."