The lousy driftage of strand of record 》

  I like to read the adventure novel specially, among them leaving for me impressive would be 《 the lousy driftage of strand of record 》 .

  A body of strand of is at a middle clafamily in England.The ages of the youth, he leaves the house then and personally, going to overseas to go to risky.An on the water die in an accident, he drifts an islet of smoke with unmanned 荒 alone.Start to be very pessimism, afterwards for the sake of existence, he moved to come the clothes, fresh water, food break on the boat, tool etc, started the new life.He plants the corn, raising and train the goat, obtaining the enough thing.After some years, it is a flock of to arrive this undertaking pedestrian meat 宴 , he saved a savage country people, going to a" Friday" for him.Henceforth,50% of week the friend and the servant that he is faithful.After island up live for 28 years, they take one road to was return to by the British ship of the waste island England.

  At the beginning when I read this book through, were is lousy by the strand of he presumes the adventure, the diligent enterprising spirit shocked.He drifts the waste island, not only have no pessimism disappointment, but also ma-ki-ng use of the condition on the island, plant, raise and train, the paradise that ma-ki-ng waste island become can exist freely.We can also see he is a mind and body health, diligent enterprising he-man.On the desolate isolated island, he want to be a person alone with the rains and winds thunder and lightning physical fight with the mosquito wild beast physical fight.The threat that he still needs to face to die, the hardships of the existence.Can his end spirit have no 垮 , but optimistically living bottom go to, use own hands creation life, create tomorrow.Aside the person see, the all these is how not easy, ma-ki-ng person admire how.

  《 The lousy driftage of strand of lu record 》 stay the reality that woulds be it for my another impression concrete.In regard to take that detail of the lousy shipbuilding of strand of lu .The author hand over the strand of lu whole proceand its details of the lousy shipbuilding to treat clear.Big arrive each step, from the lumbering, chop down to the root, pare off the ship form, dig the inner part to wait in vain, small to each detail, say some size, action, times for example, etc.See such sentence." Close to again the root, its diameter is five Chinese foots of one inches, at 22 Chinese foots of bitter ends, its diameter is four Chinese foots of one inches, then slice slowly under go to, be divided into some sons.My fee numerous physical labor, just chop down this tree, I spend the time for 22 days, just chopping down its root.The …… " be like such sentence plenty more.Exactly these sentence, delineate a clear appearance, let the person feel the reality, become intimate with.

  《 The lousy driftage of strand of lu record 》 the most attractive place is host Mr. is breathtaking, unusual, true personal career, but its deep attraction is the standing alone feeling of the common and existent mankind indeed in reader's heart output total 鸣 .We can find out own shadow in this book, hence, we had no reason not to like this book.


  Book Report

  I have been reading a book for many days. The books name is CAT AND MOUSE IN A HAUNTED HOUSE. It is telling about Geronimo Stilton who is a newspaper mouse who runs newspaper in New Mouse City—the capital of Mouse island.

  On one night of October, he decided to visit his aunt, Sweetfur. But he got lost when he was driving through the Dark Forest because of the foggy. Then his car was out of gas. He thought “I wish I was at home”.

  Suddenly there was a lightning in the sky and he saw a big castle. When he walked closer to the front door, he saw two stone cats and a sign that says: To Canny Cat’s castle. The door bell was in one stone cat’s mouth. When Geronimo was deciding to go into the castle, it starts to rain, so he went into the castle……

  At last Geronimo’s sister, little nephew Benjamin and his cousin Trap all came and helped him find out all of two little cat. They don’t want others to come into the castle because the castle is their ancestor Canny Cat’s. So they make many tricks.

  After reading this story, I think it’s very interesting, and I had a lot of fun. My favorite character is Geronimo’s nephew Benjamin. Because he is very cute and clever, he always observes every detail. He found out the foot prink on the floor and the nail on the wall. In the story it shows Geronimo is a very timid mouse that always scared himself.

  I like this story very much, so I’ll still read more this set of book.


  A Book Report of The Black Tulip

  By Huang Xin, Talents Class, 2006

  I have recently read the simplified version of The Black Tulip published by Shanghai Translation Press. This novel was written by the distinguished French writer Alexandre Dumas Pere, the pioneer of the Romanticism Literature Movement in France. He was so popular that his works had been translated into several languages and welcomed by readers all over the world.

  This novel took 17th century Dutch bourgeois revolutionary period of intense political struggle and the turbulent life as its background.

  This gist of the story is as follows. The leading role Cornelius is a young doctor who completely doesn’t inquire about politics. He loves growing tulips and is trying to cultivate a black tulip without any other color on it at all. In order to obtain the considerable bonus offered by the government to the first man who cultivates the very kind of black tulip, Boxtel, Cornelius’

  neighbor, tries to destroy and steal the bulbs of Cornelius, even kill him. Fortunately, Cornelius in the prison gets acquainted with the prison-keeper’s daughter Rosa and they fall in love. Under Rosa’s help, Cornelius realized his dream and achieves happiness at last.

  It’s firmly believed by some people that when you become rich and successful, happiness will naturally follow. After reading this novel, I believe that nothing is further from the truth. To my mind, the secret to happiness lies in your successful work, in your contribution towards others’ happiness and in your wealth you have earned through your own honest efforts.

  Firstly, in order to obtain happiness, you should achieve your successful work, in order to achieve your successful work, you should go through thick and thin. As the writer said, “those who have suffered much, have a right to be happy.” Take the two leading characters for example. They eventually reach happiness after suffering a lot both psychologically and physiologically. Secondly, your happiness should live in your contribution towards others’ happiness, but not on the contrary, in destroying others’ happiness. If you get your happiness by taking advantage of others or by hurting others, you won’t be happy with it for long, at least, you won’t enjoy the real happiness. People will think you’re a mean person. Boxtel was a typical case. He would never gain happiness.

  Thirdly, wealth obtained through dishonest means doesn’t bring happiness. Happiness is not an end, it is a process. It’s a continuous process of honest and productive work which makes a real contribution to others and makes you feel you are a useful and worthy person.



  Book Report Writing


  A book report tells about the important events in a book. It does not tell the ending. It also gives the writer's opinion of the book. Finally, it says whether others should read the book.




  Go on an Incredible Journey →title of report

  开始一段惊人的旅行 → 报告的标题

  The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford is →title and author

  希拉·班的小说《惊人的旅行》 是 → 书名和作者

  an incredible book. It tells the story of a cat, Tao, →main characters

  一部很棒的小说。本书中介绍一只名叫涛的猫 →书中的主要角色

  and two dogs, Bodger and Luath, that set out across 250 miles of Canadian Wilderness searching for their way home to the family they love. →setting

  以及两只名叫博德杰和鲁阿斯的狗穿过 250英里的加拿大荒原寻找它们所爱的主人的故事。 → 故事背景

  When the adventure begins, the pets are staying with a friend while the family is away. Due to a mix-up, the pets aren't missed for several weeks when they begin their journey. The pets are chased by wild animals, delayed by people, and challenged by nature. →main events of book

  冒险开始时,宠物们在主人离开时保持友好团结,正是由于它们同心携力,在几个星期的旅行中没有走失。在这期间,它们曾被野生动物追赶,曾被人类耽搁,也曾面临大自然的挑战。 → 故事主要事件

  You'll laugh and cry as you journey home with these three animals. They are courageous and true. This book is a must for animal lovers. →whether others should read it.





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